• Efficient simulation software
  • High-quality generic or geo-specific databases and models for virtual terrain
  • PC based visualization systems (including special sight optics) with all standard and special effects such as NVG and battle simulation
  • 6 degrees of freedom on electric motion bases
  • Universal consoles for all instructor stations
  • IR camera monitoring system
  • Digital / analogical communication system
  • Universal electronic system for fast data transfers


  • Simulators for Ship Handling Military/Civil
  • Simulators for submarines.
  • Simulators  for  marine Cargo


The simulation system developed for the training has the following characteristics:

  • Adaptable to the certification requirements desired by the customer.
  • Adaptation to the firing of each vehicle (in the case of armored vehicles) specially developed for each order.
  • Modern instructor control desk that uses the latest technology (.NET Windows Service-based architecture, database manager for Windows SQLServer, etc.).
  • Visual system by means of direct projection or screen at customer’s request.
  • Scalability and reuse of the simulation software by design, which allows the evolution of the simulator reusing part of the investment.
  • Acquisition of data and behavior of the ballistic weapon / gun-vehicle or through the manufacturer directly, or by testing the maneuvers
  • Capacity since the start of design, to connect to other training centers by the standards used in the market to exchange data and conduct joint training.