BESSEL AEROSPACE develops, manufactures, and provides support for interconnection systems in the aviation, defense and space sectors, where it is able to meet the stringent environmental conditions. Specialises in the customised design, industrialisation and production of wiring systems, avionics racks and test benches for the aeronautics, defence and space sectors.

  • Design and presentation of a technical solution from a client’s consignment specification.
  • Production of harnesses developed up until the delivery with its corresponding test and trial certificates.
  • Creation of quality and protocol plans for factory tests.
  • Production by specialized personnel certified by AD&S and E.S.A. Cable marking using a laser machine. Use of horizontal and vertical bedplates for mallet shaping.
  • Continuity and isolation test by means of an automatic machine tests

Drawing up specifications, design and development, together with the production, installation and maintenance of test benches: Bessel Aerospace provides a comprehensive service developed to fulfil our customer’s requirements.