Mobile (AL, USA)

Bessel Aerospace Group has 33600 sqft repair facilities at the Regional Airport of Mobile, AL close to the Airbus NA facilities. It is a service centre currently performing checks A to 8Y for C212, CN235 & C295 airframes.

Lay Out Hangar 31 Mobile Regional Airport (AL)

Building Discription Utilities and Telecommunications:
Dimensions: 33.600 sqft
Gas: Yes. Size of Gas Main: 2. Gas Main PSI: 20-30
Water: Capability
Office Area: 2000 sqft
Warehouse: 6000 sqft
Main Pressure: 44
Size of Sewer Main: 3 in. Floundation: Concrete Slab Type: Sanitary Floor Load Bearing: Yes
Electricity: Yes Ceiling Hgt (ft): 12,5-offices Amp: 200 Center Height (ft): 23′ Phase: 3 Eave Hgt (ft) 15’11” Service : Maximun: 23′ Voltage
Hanger Doors: C212 – CN235 capability
Parking Paved: Yes Number of Cars: 70
Ventilation : Yes Heated: Yes
Capability: C212 (3), CN235 (2), Bombardier & Embraer Jets

Seville (Spain)

Located in the heart of the Spanish aeronautical industry, Bessel Aeroprop SA, has 1.000 square metres in Valencina de la Concepción (Sevilla).

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